Bruce Munro Tropical Light

Artistic Cultural Program

Artistic Cultural Program

A Tropical Summer inspired turtle has popped up in Smith Street Mall. Created by Larrakia artist Shaun Lee, the colourful 3D sculpture is the latest work in the Tropical Light Artistic Cultural Program and will be based in the Mall all February.

Shaun's light-based sculpture expresses the idea of Larrakia identity as saltwater people through Damadlabal (Sea Turtle).

The use of lighting on the shell of the turtle relates to a Larrakia story about Bare Sand Island which lies off the Cox Peninsula. In this story the island is a manifestation of Damadlabal. When a fire is lit on the sand, the island submerges to get the fire of its back. 

Four Larrakia artists - Lynette Fejo, Shaun Lee, Trent Lee and Jason Lee - are taking part in the Artistic Cultural Program as part of the Bruce Munro: Tropical Light Exhibition. From January to April 2020, the artists will present their work though performance, music and sculpture in Smith Street Mall.

Lynette Fejo and the Larrakia-Belyuen Dancers performed throughout January in Raintree Park, with Shaun's work displayed in February followed by Ritual of the Water Birds by Trent Lee in March and Jason Lee's Gulumoerrjin (Larrakia) Wet Season in April.