Bruce Munro Tropical Light

Yasmin Boehme

Yasmin is 17-years-old and currently studying year 12 visual arts and creative industries photography but art has been her entire childhood.

My art is really just a product of my fascination with the imagination and what the brain is capable when asleep. So dreams really fuel my artworks. I can draw, paint, and have the ability to work with metal and woods to create sculptures.

I always look forward to  the wet season. The lush oasis that Darwin becomes is breathtaking, and I would love to be able to capture that vibrant growth within my artwork. I would like to create a cluster of mushrooms as they are always my first sign of the wet season, watching them pop up in the garden. I would create the mushroom head by reusing old ploughing disks, then welding a base and stem so it stands upright. I'd then add paints and fabric to the metal structure. A light will be placed beneath the head of the mushroom to illuminate through the fabric around the stem. These mushrooms will be able to withstand the six months of use.

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