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Rebecca Dearden

Darwin-based artist Rebecca Dearden has been honing her creative skills since she was little under the tutorage of her mother and aunts. Originally a classroom art’s teacher, Rebecca is now extending her repertoire to adult painting events through 'Paint with Life Darwin' and her own creations.

Rebecca likes to call herself a ‘creative-ist’ rather than an artist. This is because she loves working with a range of mediums – acrylics, watercolour, sculpture, mixed media, collage, installation, plastics, fabric, textiles, balloons, and lights. You name it! She loves to explore with a range of colour, texture and inspirations. Finding a personal connection and a sense of excitement in her pieces is something that Rebecca is really passionate about. As she explains, “Once I get excited - that’s how I know it’s a good piece and that it’s finished. I’m just a BIG IDEAS person! The bigger the art piece – the more I want to create it!”

For Rebecca 2019 has been a busy year. She earned second place in the Mi-Place Art Exhibition in April and participated in the graphic wall art creation at the Sea Breeze Festival. Her biggest commission to date has been the Photo Opportunity Area backdrop at the Fringe Festival during July. Rebecca was only one of three artists chosen in the region to participate in the Fringe Festival’s beautification. 

Rebecca continues to evolve her own style and technical skills with new materials and inspirations. Experimentation is an important part of her process as she wants everything she creates to be originally her. As Rebecca says, “I leave a little piece of me in my work. Somehow it makes it alive. That’s art for you – it’s the little bit of magic in my life. I really want to share it with others!”

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