Bruce Munro Tropical Light

Carmel E Ryan

I am a textile artist/designer/costume maker, resident of Alice Springs for over 50 years, but now live in the beautiful Top End and love calling  Darwin home. 

As a multi-award winning wearable art creator, across all categories, I love to work with mostly recycled, natural and found materials, and have the vision to make  and the skills to create from just about anything at hand. Wearable art needs to wow and amaze its audience, capture the attention, tell a story, engage and entertain — all the same elements required for a great window display!

I have actually created two wearable artworks over the years inspired by both colour and light. 'The Colour of Magic', a dress made from thermal film ribbon, and 'Trip the Light FunPlastic', a work which was selected in WA’s Wearable Arts Mandurah showcase. This was made from recycled coloured plastics and features light globes and fairy lights. A sustainable couture favourite of mine was Tropicalia, a gown I created from all upcycled fabrics and represented a tropical forest. So if there’s dressing of a mannequin involved, that’s my forte!

In addition to wearable art making I have had many years experience working in theatre and as a library aide creating numerous wall and 3D displays; setting the theme for regular book week fairs.

Past employment in project officer roles at both Central Craft and Tactile Arts in the NT presented many opportunities to facilitate workshops, curate exhibitions and gain experience in visual merchandising and window dressing in retail space. The 'Tropical Light' theme excites me and I would love to be considered and work with a business as a window dresser creative for the Bruce Munro Tropical Light event. More of my work can be seen on my instagram profile @carmylizryan_create

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