Bruce Munro Tropical Light

Adrienne Wade

I work in a number of different styles, and have had work in the 2018 CITYLIFE Platform lightboxes at Nightcliff foreshore, and currently at the Chinatown car park. These works are enlarged photos of encaustic paintings; a beeswax, tree resin and pigment mix that is applied in hot layers and heated with a flame to fuse to the previous layers. The layers are semi translucent so the previous layers can be seen and impact on the layers above. These works also have layers of shellac that have been set on fire to create a webbed or celled effect.

I also  work in a second style that has been displayed both here in Darwin and in Melbourne, and is currently on display at Darwin Visual Arts, and was in a window display in 2018 in 'Me and My Llama'. These are in acrylic washes, or black  and white. I worked ‘live' in this style as an artist in residence in the Mall in Sept/October 2017.

Works can be viewed on my Instagram account @adriennewadeartist

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