Bruce Munro Tropical Light


Want to be a Donor instead?

Tropical Light 200 Club is looking for 200 donors to support each volunteer.

Territory businesses and individuals can sponsor a Tropical Light volunteer and every shift worked will earn a $100 donation for CanTeen, with the potential donation of $2,600 per volunteer and a total $520,000 across the program.

You can support 1 volunteer or as many as you can.

The minimum commitment of supporting one volunteer is $2,600.00. 

Your registration will be set up through an online portal with CanTeen. Click the Register button for further details or contact:
Sasha Ritson, Fundraising Coordinator
Mobile: 0411 323 733

Make a Donation

What benefits will I get as a donor?

  1. 100% of your donation will go directly to CanTeen.
  2. Receive a ‘Welcome Kit’ from CanTeen and be kept up to date as to what your donation is helping to support.
  3. Major donors (supporting 10 volunteers or more) receiving personal visits from CanTeen to their office to hear about what their donations mean.
  4. Major donors (supporting 10 volunteers or more) will receive invitations to Thank You Luncheons.
  5. Major donors (supporting 10 volunteers or more) will be invited to come and see how their contributions are making a difference at a supporter luncheon.
  6.  Acknowledgement on the Tropical Light website
  7. 100% tax deductible.

Thank you to our donors

We’d like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their donation:

  • Spark ― Liz Wilsen
  • Hays
  • NTMEC Staff
  • C & R Constructions
  • Toyota LandCruiser Club of Australia – Darwin Branch
  • Club Tropical
  • Trampoline