Bruce Munro Tropical Light

Cat Hart, arts enthusiast

Meet Cat Hart, a self-confessed arts enthusiast and a ‘Tropical Light’ Ambassador. Cat is an actor and dancer and teaches drama for youth. In the last year she has worked for Corrugated Iron, Browns Mart Theatre, and Darwin Theatre Company and on the Voices of Remembrance concert.  Married with three young children, Cat has lived in Darwin for more than 10 years. Here, Cat outlines her love for Darwin, the local arts scene and what’s so special about the tropics.

What do you love most about living in Darwin? 
I love how Darwin, while a tight-knit community, is such a diverse city with many cultures. There are so many amazing groups and communities living and working here. Darwin has a truly unique heritage and a freedom of spirit. We celebrate life and the arts with passion and love here.

What is the best thing about the Wet Season in Darwin?
Darwin in the wet is a magical paradise. The storms and the rains are like nowhere else and the greenness of the plants and the abundance of wildlife are superb. Yes, there is the heat, but there is so much that overrides this as the city and the surrounding areas bloom and flourish.

What is something you can only do during the Wet Season in Darwin?
Well, you can watch magnificent natural light shows as amazing storms roll over the horizon, and you can take in some of the amazing theatre shows produced locally. Locals and visitors can also tour some of our wonderful natural heritage sites even in the wet.

What has been you best Darwin experience in the last few months?
As a Darwin local with a young family I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the wonderful breezes that the dry season brings and using the holiday time to get out and explore more of the city with my children and husband. We’ve spent time at the museum, the wave pool and the wildlife park. It’s amazing how many fun, easily accessible places that exist for a family in this city. 

What is the most important factor you want potential visitors to know about Darwin?
That Darwin is a vibrant and thriving hub for culture, the arts and innovation. That the community is wonderfully diverse and unique with a flourishing arts scene which showcases local talent and skill.  I also want visitors and locals to know that there are hidden gems in the CBD, like little known parks and walkways. I encourage people to take the time to look at the beauty in our city instead of scurrying about, and I’m looking forward to promoting the work of Bruce Munro: Tropical Light and of the local artists taking part in the exhibition. 

How do you benefit from sharing your experiences of Darwin?
It gives me the opportunity to grow awareness about Darwin as a tourist destination and as an arts hub, and in doing so I give back to the arts community that has supported and nurtured me on my journey. Any step that supports this community, helps Territory artists and visiting artists grow and develop, as well as encourage those who appreciate the arts and our city is of vital importance.