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Tropical Light is keen to learn about your Darwin city experiences. That way we can create packages, events and activities that you will enjoy as well as make the overall experience stress free with great savings because we want more people having fun in the tropics!

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1. How often do you come into the Darwin City for leisure?
2. What do you primarily come into the Darwin City to do?
If you answered 'never' in question1 , which of the following would appeal to you?
3. When you do come into the Darwin City, do you.... If you answered 'never' in question 1, what would be most likely....
4. What day/s and time do you prefer to come into Darwin City?
5. When you are in Darwin City, roughly how long do you stay?
6. If City accommodation packages were on offer to stay overnight , what would you like to see in the package?
7. What would your travel preference be for coming into the Darwin City?
9. Select as many of the following potential events and activities for 'Tropical Light' that you would come to
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